Sr.No. Product Name Ingredients Effects / Uses Pack size
1 Face Wash Aroma Oils Cleanses & moisturizes 100 g
2 Shampoo Aloe vera A daily wash shampoo 100 ml
3 Aloe vera Cream Fresh Aloe vera juice Soft skin, to reduce sun burns / tans 50 g
4 Moisturising lotion Aloe vera juice, Wheat germ oil Soft and smooth skin Everyday moisturisation & Nourishment 100 ml
5 Body lotion Aloe vera juice, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil Daily use body lotion 200 ml
6 Skin lightening cream Amla, Yashtimadhu Melasma, pimple spots 50 g
7 Foot Cream Cow ghee + herbs Cracked feet, bleeding cracks 50 g
8 Antiseptic cream Cow ghee + herbs All types of skin allergies, infections 50 g
9 Anti-wrinkle cream Vitamin E Removal of wrinkles & age marks 25 g
10 Anti-stretch marks gel Aloe vera gel, Vit E For post-pregnancy stretch marks 25 g
11 Anti-dandruff shampoo Aloe vera For Dandruff 100 ml
12 Fairness cream Saffron, turmeric, almond Fairness 50 g
13 Daily fairness cream Kumkumadi tailam Fairness 50 g
14 Body butter Cocoa butter For soft & smooth skin 50 g
15 Non-sticky hair oil Amla + herbs Nourishment for hair 100 ml
16 Night cream Herbs, Aroma oils Skin rejuvenation 50 g
17 Body Massage oil Aromatic Oils Nourishes Skin, relaxant 50 ml
18 Lip Repair balm Cow ghee, Aloe vera Moisturises & repairs 10 g